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IDC LA Case Study Lights, Camera, Automation! – How Intelligent Data Orchestration Helps IDC LA Streamline Production

FOX Sports Case Study

FOX Sports is a long-term collaborator with pixitmedia. A
global sports broadcasting giant, they are regarded as the
unofficial “home” of US sports, such as American football,
baseball, and hockey.

Brown Bag Films Case Study

Animation studio Brown Bag Films
have always pushed the potential for
what’s possible. That’s how they’ve
established themselves as one of the
world’s most successful animation
houses, crafting and creating over 23
different episodic series at once.

Taylor James Case Study

Taylor James Case Study Pixel perfect – How hybrid cloud-based workflows kept Taylor James creative and competitive

Passion Pictures Case Study

Passion Pictures Case Study Passion Pictures scales intelligently into the cloud to manage data and compute power on a job-by-job basis

Cinelab London Case Study

Cinelab London Case Study Cinelab London Streamlines Media Management and Storage to Deliver Rapid Turnaround