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ngenea: Global Collaboration & Data Orchestration Solution

Born to address global data challenges, ngenea empowers media and entertainment organizations to streamline their global workflow, data, and infrastructure environments without compromising existing or future performance.

Move data based on business needs.

ngenea wraps existing file, Cloud and object storage in a global namespace with a single view of the data – retaining the full path and filename wherever that may be. Integrated with pixstor’s powerful enhanced Search capabilities, users and applications can find, read and access migrated data directly across distinct storage tiers – all in a seamless unified workflow.

With ngenea, you can quickly and securely transport data to and from globally distributed cloud, object storage, traditional NAS files and tape resources – automatically moving data into the ‘right cost’ resource according to value and usage as your work teams and business needs demand.

Benefits of ngenea


Unify Data Silos

Transparently tier to remote filesystems, object, and cloud within a single namespace


Deploy Anywhere

Utilize different storage resources based on business needs


Integrate Seamlessly

Migrate and recall from existing file & object stores as well as legacy storage


Accelerated Storage

Huge performance gains when moving large amounts of data


Simplify Control, Increase Utilization

Integrated with pixstor Search to find & recall assets seamlessly from across all storage tiers


Protect Valuable Data

Ensure data integrity & protection to the highest industry-standards

Your data. Your terms.

Wherever your data is or needs to be, ngenea is there to remove the complexity and overhead of data movement.

ngenea Features

Supported Platforms

IBM COS, NetApp Storage Grid, HGST Active Archive, Dell EMC ECS, Ceph, SwiftStack, Amazon S3/Glacier, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Platform, Spectra Logic Black Pearl, NFS-based storage shares including EMC Isilon, Nexenta, NetApp FAS, and Qumulo.

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