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pixstor: Make Your Workflows "Work" for You

Packed with intelligent tools and powerful REST APIs, pixstor is a platform that delivers unmatched benefits which empower organizations to streamline their media workflows and drive efficiencies.

Software-defined storage with guaranteed performance.​

pixstor is a complete storage solution, purpose-built for demanding media requirements, offering guaranteed performance from disk to desktop. A data-aware scale-out NAS platform, it ensures your data is always available, precisely when and where you need it. No compromise.


Powered by our proven high-performance parallel file system trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide, pixstor can easily manage petabytes of data and billions of files, all under a single global namespace.


pixstor is the first storage solution to unify data, infrastructure and users.​

Media workflows thrive with pixstor. With its software-defined architecture, pixstor provides a single global namespace that controls all commodity hardware, applications and systems in the workflow. Ethernet-based and API-driven, it fully integrates into your workflows and extends the file system across multiple locations and out into the cloud – bringing data closer to users and applications in a unified view.


With complete control of your data – wherever, whenever and however you want it – pixstor enables global collaboration without any compromise on performance.

Managing your data has never been easier.​

Using intelligent automated tools, pixstor drives efficiency throughout the entire ecosystem.  It offers guaranteed consistent performance, limitless scale, data control and secure collaborative access for users wherever they may be.

pixstor lets you manage and store data with confidence, dramatically improve workflows and reduce the cost of infrastructure and shared services.

And we’re so confident in our filesystem, that we offer a performance guarantee up to 99% capacity for the lifetime of the solution.

What pixstor delivers

Mac, Windows & Linux compatible, pixstor combines robust, mature filesystem software and industry-standard servers and storage components including flash, hard disk, tape and cloud resources to deliver a powerful, affordable high-performance Ethernet-based unified namespace. Its data architecture foundation relies on a scatter algorithm to distribute writes across spinning disk, removing the impact of fragmentation on performance so there is no bandwidth degradation as the system fills – as is common on most file systems. The performance of the system enables multiple workloads to run full out up at to 99% capacity – with no negative effect on finishing editors’ or artists’ user experience.

Beyond storage. pixstor empowers workflow efficiencies.

Packed with intelligent tools and powerful REST APIs featured as standard, pixstor helps you streamline your workflow and drive efficiencies. From simplified administration, powerful search, deep analytics, spin-up and down security services, transparent tiering to push-button cloud-deployment, pixstor has you covered.

pixstor Features