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pixstor and ngenea
Your data – whenever, wherever, and however you need it

Transition seamlessly to global data environments – with complete control over your valuable intellectual property!

Managing creative workflows, data, and infrastructure is more complex than ever. pixstor and ngenea give customers choice and freedom by integrating with industry-leading hardware, tools and applications, and eliminating lock-in and data tax.

Creative Workflows

Many different applications, used in many different locations.


Archiving data is cheap, but interacting with is NOT.


How can you manage data globally without global infrastructure awareness?

Isn't There Another Way?

Other solutions do exist to create global data environments, but these solutions provide users and applications access to your data by creating a global metadata layer. All the data beneath this metadata layer has now been encrypted and you are prevented from accessing your data directly where it resides. This means:

a platform that delivers unmatched benefits

Complete Control of Your Data

Wherever, whenever, and however you want it.

Enable global collaboration without any compromise on performance.


Dynamic Data Management

Wherever your data is or needs to be, ngenea is there to remove the complexity and overhead of data movement.

Your data. Your terms.


Works With Your Existing Applications

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Compatible With Your Existing Infrastructure

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