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Brown Bag Films Create Global Virtual Studio with pixstor & ngenea

Watch this 7-minute video to learn how Brown Bag Films leverages pixstor and ngenea to create a global, virtual animation studio. With physical locations in Dublin, Toronto, New York, and Bali, Brown Bag Films has artists worldwide. Creating a global asset depot was essential to helping restore the artists’ ability to focus on creativity while enabling oversea studios to help supplement their production capabilities.


pixitmedia worked closely with the Brown Bag Films team to ensure the solution met their goals. The pixitmedia and Brown Bag Films collaboration has exceeded all expectations, transforming multi-site file access, movement, and storage into a new virtual global studio solution.

Brown Bag teams can now instinctively access and work on files across multiple sites with minimal latency sensitivity and egress costs. pixstor powered by ngenea provides a single scalable storage platform, adaptive to their future needs, enabling Brown Bag to reach new heights of creativity, productivity, and innovation.

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