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All the Power of pixstor in Google Cloud

With incredibly simple push button deployment, enjoy of all of the performance, scalability and data management benefits of an on-premise pixstor installation – from within Google Cloud.

Driven from guided menus with a variety of sizing options, there is a pixstor in the cloud option available for nearly any use case – whether for transcode, burst render, remote composition, editing or grading, presenting a single NFS or SMB share from a number of clustered instances. With billing handled entirely within the GCP Marketplace, customers are free to spin up pixstor at exactly the moment they need it.

Seamless On-Prem & Cloud Integration: Powered by ngenea

Every pixstor installation in the cloud is bundled with ngenea, pixitmedia’s flagship data transport mechanism.

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Performance Tier

For maximum performance, best suited to solutions up to 10TB, or greater capacity with the highest performance requirement.

Balanced Tier

Balances performance and capacity, best suited for solutions of 10 – 50TB, or greater capacity together with a high-performance requirement.

Capacity Tier

When it's all about capacity, this tier is optimised for capacity over performance and is best suited for solutions over 50TB in size.