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Powerful Simplicity

Hyper-converged (HCI) unites pixitmedia’s award-winning software products, pixstor and ngenea, with Lenovo’s smart solutions to provide a cost-effective, ultra-scalable cloud-enabled solution for the Media & Entertainment Industry, with guaranteed performance for a multitude of workflows.

Gateway to the Cloud

Historically, studios have depended on major data storage vendors that offer very limited cloud capabilities, or none at all, which restricts studios’ flexibility for growth and adaptability to change.

pixstor hyper-converged gives studios the freedom to scale and adapt their infrastructure on-premise or in the cloud. This enables studios to stay agile, keep infrastructure costs low while offering the same experience to creatives, whether remote or local.


A simplistic transition to cloud and hybrid ways of working, with no disruption to existing workflows, and no compromise on security.


Users maintain an on-prem experience, regardless of location, enabling seamless collaboration between multiple creative sites.

Guaranteed Performance

A single appliance with 100% guaranteed performance all the way up to 99% capacity for a multitude of workflows.

Keep Your Business Agile For The Future

Easily scale in any direction while benefiting from the Cloud and hybrid working to fit your business needs. without disruption to existing workflows.

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - Data

Simplify data protection in the cloud whilst maintaining a level of security to meet the most stringent standards.

Leverage Open API Integrations

Remain flexible, scalable and agile with seamless workflow integration and communication between applications.

Customers Benefitting from HCI

Simplify Your Workflow

Get more done with less. Delegate your render jobs to the cloud with efficient data movement for minimised egress charges and optimal performance.

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Work with an infrastructure which aligns on-premise and the Cloud into a solution that offers the ‘best of both worlds’ leaving you completely unrestricted by technology.

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Maintain an easy to access archive of your data at optimal cost, protecting your work and safeguarding your business from the impact of lost data.

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Seamlessly migrate from on-premise technology into a simple, automated and scalable cloud infrastructure with absolutely no change to the users working environment.

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With push-button deployment, 'spin up' a studio in minutes, bringing everything to your users on a pay as you go basis, regardless of their location.

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Automatically and securely duplicate files into the cloud. In the event of a disaster, files can be seamlessly accessed by users via pixstor Cloud to maintain full productivity.

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Free your users from working within silos. Open up your data into a shared environment allowing all creatives to work collaboratively, regardless of physical location.

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Never run out of storage. Automatically extend your capacity into the most cost-effective cloud option for bottomless storage, with no compromise to your users and workflow.

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Purpose-built for demanding media requirements, pixstor ensures your data is always available, precisely when and where you need it, without compromise.

pixstor provides a single namespace that encompasses all tiers, applications and systems. Ethernet-based and API-driven, it fully integrates into any workflow bringing data closer to users and applications in a unified view.

Overcome the challenges of moving and accessing data across multiple storage platforms. ngenea is an enormously scalable, high-performance data management layer that extends the existing filesystem into alternative storage options.

With ngenea, you can quickly and securely transport data to and from globally distributed resources across cloud, object, traditional NAS storage.