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AWS & pixitmedia

All the power of pixstor in AWS

With incredibly simple push-button deployment, enjoy all of the performance, scalability and data management benefits of an on-premise pixstor installation from within Amazon Web Services.

Studios are continually looking for smarter ways to scale, work remotely and improve collaboration. With a cloud-based creative workflow, your workstations, storage and render capacity can scale as needed. With the pixstor and ngenea cloud solution your data storage and movement costs are kept under control.

Guaranteed performance

A complete storage solution, pixstor Cloud is purpose-built for demanding Media and Entertainment requirements, offering guaranteed performance for any workflow.

Complete data freedom

Maintain absolute control of your data, with zero lock-in. Unlike traditional Archive and SaaS offerings, we don’t lock data in, so you can freely access your files, in their original form, across the entire workflow.

Hybrid workspace on your terms

pixstor Cloud enables truly hybrid workflows between on-premise and cloud. More intelligent than caching, with no need for additional solutions to extend your creativity into the cloud.

Our customers

Chicken Bone FX Studios

Chicken Bone FX Studios teamed up with pixitmedia and Konsistent Consulting to design a high-performance and intelligent data managed solution running in the Cloud.

Brown Bag Films

Brown Bag Films realise their global virtual studio with pixstor & ngenea

Taylor James

Pixel perfect – How hybrid cloud-based workflows kept Taylor James creative and competitive

Passion Pictures

Free Fire ‘Project Cobra’’ for Garena Games, Directed by Jon Saunders at Passion Animation Studios Passion Pictures scales intelligently into the cloud to manage data…

Union VFX

It was the biggest single shot Union VFX had ever created and it posed a big challenge: How would it find the extra storage and...

pixstor Cloud delivers

Hybrid workflow

Easily combine on-premise, cloud and object storage with simple and cost effective capabilities for burst-render as well as standard connectivity options such as NFS & SMB.

Lightning fast deployment

Deploy rapidly, to meet any business needs. Get started with pixstor Cloud in minutes, whenever your business demands with push-button architecture deployment in AWS.

Truly global collaboration

Multi-region deployment using AWS global infrastructure and on-premise integration make real-time global collaboration a reality.

Infinite integrations

Using open APIs, pixitmedia have built deep, powerful integrations with AWS services and Media & Entertainment software. Empowering users to leverage the cloud more effectively and efficiently.

Complete data protection

Protect your work and maintain business continuity in the cloud with automatic version control, back-up and globally available disaster recovery.

Security you can trust

pixstor Cloud offers total security for you and your customers’ data with the full spectrum of file audit, access control list & Active Directory support.

Elevate your workflow

Technology shouldn't limit creativity

Using our open APIs, pixitmedia has built deep, powerful integrations with AWS and Media & Entertainment software such as Autodesk Shotgrid® and Maya® to elevate your workflows and improve your artists’ experience.

See how it all works by watching our integration demo or book a live demo.

Our partners

Endless possibilities...

Get more done with less. Delegate your render jobs to the cloud with efficient data movement for minimised egress charges and optimal performance.

  Read the full customer story here.

Work with an infrastructure which aligns on-premise and the Cloud into a solution that offers the ‘best of both worlds’ leaving you completely unrestricted by technology.

  Read the full customer story here.

Maintain an easy to access archive of your data at optimal cost. Protecting your work and safeguarding your business from the impact of lost data.

  Read the full customer story here.

Seamlessly migrate from on-premise technology into a simple, automated and scalable cloud infrastructure with absolutely no change to the users working environment.

  Read the full customer story here.

With push-button deployment 'spin up' a studio in minutes, bringing everything to your users, on a pay as you go basis, regardless of their location.

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Work without worry. Automatically back up a copy of files safely into the cloud, which in the event of a disaster, can be seamlessly accessed by users via pixstor Cloud as a ‘life raft’ system.

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Free your users from working within silos. Open up your data into a shared environment allowing all creatives to work collaboratively regardless of physical location.

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Never run out of storage. Automatically extend your capacity, into the most cost-effective cloud option, for bottomless storage with no compromise to your users and workflow.

  Read the full customer story here.

Remote finishing in the Cloud

Expand the possibilities of cloud working with remote finishing in the Cloud.

Bring artists closer together, bridge on-premise and cloud environments or move workflows entirely into a cloud studio. It’s all made possible by Autodesk Flame®  with pixstor cloud’s guaranteed performance designed to handle media workflow needs.

The solution in AWS

pixstor Cloud, powered by ngenea

pixstor is a high-performance, unified storage & network platform, purpose-built for demanding workflows. pixstor combines flash, disk, tape, and cloud storage into a unified system that is higher performing, limitless in scale and lower cost than traditional solutions. Every pixstor installation in the cloud is bundled with ngenea, pixitmedia’s flagship data transport mechanism.

Hybrid architecture

Hybrid pipeline architectures can be constructed rapidly.

pixstor Cloud with ngenea differs from traditional data movement technologies by allowing the automatic, high-performance mobility of only the data needed between on-premise and the cloud, only when needed.

Popular integrations

pixstor Cloud integrates directly with popular Media & Entertainment software from our integration partners, allowing applications to drive the flow of data according to need and demand. With a simple and open API, adding new integrations is a breeze.

Unlock the full power of pixstor in the cloud with deep integrations to AWS services

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