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pixitmedia Transforms Collaboration for
Multicom Entertainment Group

Courtesy of Multicom Entertainment Group

pixitmedia redefines global workflows and collaboration for content delivery to the global television market and digital media platforms

London, UK, February 2022 – Leading software-defined storage and data management solution provider, pixitmedia, has transformed the data workflows of world-renowned independent content distribution company, Multicom Entertainment Group. By fully automating their data life-cycle management and unifying their infrastructure silos, Multicom remain ahead of the curve when collaborating with its global network of broadcast and digital media platform partners.

With a library spanning over 6000 hours of broadcast quality content, including extensive catalogues of feature films, broadcast specials, classic TV series’, concert, and theatrical releases, Multicom is an industry leading authority in worldwide entertainment licensing and distribution. To remain adaptable and to make key digital deliveries, Multicom required a complete overhaul of its infrastructure.

Past deliverables were mainly tape centric, as such Multicom would previously farm assets out to external post-production companies for digitisation. To bring this capability inhouse, Multicom relied on a TrueNAS workflow to start digitising their own content and back up on LTOs. Whilst this had helped Multicom quickly set up operations, over time, the expanding TrueNAS lacked flexibility and slowly resulted in many manual resource heavy workflows.

Approaching pixitmedia’s reseller partner, TWE Solutions, with the challenge of increasing the speed of file access and back up, both in and out of the cloud, Multicom are now experiencing the power of a pixstor hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution, with the dynamic data management solution, ngenea, to fully automate intelligent data life-cycle management, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Courtesy of Multicom Entertainment Group

Harnessing the full power, flexibility and scalability of the cloud without the infrastructure requirements of dedicated internal tech stack or data centre allocation, pixstor HCI is a single server cloud ready deployment bundled with software-defined storage solution, pixstor, and ngenea, pixitmedia’s dynamic data management solution.

Multicom now experiences seamless workflows between its on-premise and remote production teams, having fully integrated its original TrueNAS systems with pixstor HCI. pixstor HCI allows for a complete storage environment that offers a single view of all on-premise and cloud resources, unifying data, infrastructures, and users under one single global namespace for complete control and view of its data, wherever it currently resides on the network.

“pixitmedia was the most viable solution for us because of the cloud capabilities and limited use of time consuming LTOs,” said Marcus Ionis, Operations Manager at Multicom Entertainment Group. “In recent years, the streaming media platform competition has become fierce, and it’s been that demand for digital assets that has driven this infrastructure overhaul, so using the cloud has been invaluable in sending data to other parties for pick up.”

Working with the pixitmedia support team, Multicom were given thorough demonstrations of their solution during the specification process. Handling the challenges of requiring a faster and leaner way of storing large quantities of data, pixitmedia’s team of data workflow specialists worked closely with Multicom to strip away the existing complexity of the TrueNAS so that it could be integrated with pixstor HCI.

“ngenea acts as the management for all the data and as time progresses, as we back up more data from the TrueNAS into the cloud. Combined with pixstor HCI, it has been instrumental in giving us the option to still use the limited on-premise storage that we have or even expand upon it or not at all – we’re not pigeon holed in one particular area. In the future, we’ll likely work entirely through pixstor.”

Belinda Merritt, Director of Sales and Marketing at pixitmedia concludes:

“Multicom is an agile team that collaborate and work across multi-sites. We’re proud to have been able to optimise their data workflows with our solutions and our in-the-field operational experience. pixitmedia has been on hand to support in handling policy changes, pipeline requests and any changes they may have in their data workflow. We’re really proud to be working with Multicom and to be able to futureproof their data management strategy so they can continue being world leaders in content distribution.”

About Multicom Entertainment Group

Multicom Entertainment Group is an independent distribution company focusing on the worldwide television, digital media, publishing, licensing and merchandising marketplaces. With countless episodes of acclaimed classic television series, hundreds of movies and new theatrical films, Multicom’s expansive catalog boasts a powerful portfolio of global superstars in every format and genre. Multicom has established itself as an industry leader, cultivating strong relationships with partners worldwide, delivering broadcast quality content wherever, whenever and however it is consumed.

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