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pixitmedia sponsors the 2023 BE YOU Festival

pixitmedia is a major sponsor for the 2023 BE YOU Festival hosted by the Soho Media Club. Watch the video below to learn more about this incredible one day event.

The 2023 BE YOU Festival is coming to Soho, London, on Thursday, July 13th. BE YOU sparks an honest conversation about the current state of film and television culture, including the visible and hidden challenges of diversity, inclusion, belonging, and well-being. The event is where the brightest and most curious minds in media and entertainment talk openly about the things that matter, from people and the planet to production and purpose. It is also a time to celebrate, inspire, and nurture the next generation of talent.

Visit their website for information about the event, the speakers, the tech sessions, the venues, and the tickets.

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Tickets are available for both the festival and the BE YOU Party.